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you don’t have to live with loose ends

At one point or another, everyone feels weighed down by the business side of life.

Small business owners might find they are spending too much time bookkeeping and not enough time on their business.

Individuals can lose countless days and weeks worrying about necessary business tasks like monthly financial checklists, medical record tracking or estate planning.

HB Solutions is the answer for small businesses and people like you.

HB Solutions creates a customized business plan for each and every client. You tell us what financial tasks are affecting your life, and we come up with a game plan that addresses your needs.

Our dependable and ethical partnership will help you organize your business affairs so you can get on with your life.

HB Solutions is a Certified Bookkeeper and QuickBooks ProAdvisor for small businesses.

  • Full-service bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping catch-up
  • QuickBooks set-up
  • QuickBooks training and troubleshooting
  • Document preparation for submission to your CPA
  • Accompaniment at appointments with your professional service provider or CPA
  • Assessing and creating a strategy for your overall business needs 
  • Assistance in sourcing the proper service providers

HB Solutions is a Business Specialist who can provide you peace of mind if:

  • You worry about business-related tasks in life–or in the lives of family members you care for
  • You are busy with your career or your family and would like someone else to take care of day-to-day financial tasks
  • You are dealing with a temporary life or health situation for you or a loved one, and you need help making sense of the paperwork and creating a plan to move forward
  • You want someone to look at how your accounts are organized and advise you on how to streamline personal and business accounts
  • You would like a long-term partner who offers personal, individualized advice for keeping your business affairs in order

We offer customized solutions, and we want to help you.

Email or call to find out how HB Solutions can streamline your finances and simplify your life.


Catherine Hartwell, CB

Business Specialist and QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Catherine Hartwell has 17 years experience in the financial sector and, for 30 years has made her home in the Triangle. Before opening HB Solutions, she served in financial administration for a non-profit, office management, and property management administration.
While working for a continuing care retirement community, Catherine observed the need for assistance with higher-level business tasks within the aging community and with people experiencing life-changing events. She paired this with a passion for assisting small business owners, became a Certified Bookkeeper, and started her own business.
With HB Solutions, Catherine strives to simplify and enhance the lives of her clients each and every day. Her business what she loves to do, but Catherine also enjoys cooking, gardening and reading.


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